Good old Rick. His on-going feud with the admin of watchlords over posting photos of Doxa Sub cases being on the Walca East assembly line in China. It escalated to threats via emails and at social media sites. Spamming BDWF (bestdamnwatchforum) members as he had access to their emails. Heavy handed moderation at WUS and did I mention threats? Unfortunate that files cannot be uploaded to prove my comments. https://watchlords.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=12963&p=331865&hilit=marei#p331865

"rick.marei@doxawatches.com is who controls the BDWF forum (hosting it on the Doxa server). I would ask him WTF is going on but not mention us. He truly hates me and this forum. Too bad none of you have admin rights to the entire forum or FTP access." https://watchlords.com/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=42144&hilit=marei&start=75

Tell us something Rick, have you ever designed a watch on your own rather than make homages?

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Ole Rick. This guy was a silent part owner of a watch forum. On his downhill slide from Doxa into Aquastar, he sold the watch forums member list to spam emailers. Then justified it by saying since he was the owner it was his right. Then he stopped the forum when we complained, just let BDWF fall into the wind. Others said they would keep it going, but he wouldn’t let them have the information to keep it going, he just let it die and wouldn’t give the backup info to anyone. He left the members with no forum and tons of spam email. What a guy.

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So that's why I started getting all those emails when I never signed up for them!


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