Just catching up on episodes. Film club is always fun. Jason - if you liked the Sixth Sense, and haven't see it, check out Nicole Kidman in "The Others"...

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"You ever have that thing in your life where the memes or the references to something fulfill your interest in experiencing it yourself?"

Oh my gosh, yes. Mostly just Will Ferrell movies for me. Old School, Ricky Bobby, Anchorman, Elf, etc.

Those movies were so over-quoted in my youth that I've never bothered to see them, and don't care about not fully 'getting' the reference any more.

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Really fun episode! James, curious what colour have you picked for the PD tote bag?

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Wow I’m so jealous of James, imagine being in a position to be watching the Sixth Sense for the first time! Drop everything James and go watch it - his other movies are totally average, let them be no hindrance to watching this one.

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Great episode. Was pleasantly surprised to see Ghost in the Shell get a mention. It's definitely one of my favorite movies ever.

With regard to Blade Runner, I prefer the director's and final cuts. I'm OK with the theatrical cut but Ridley Scott has said that he was forced by the studio to put in the VO by the studio as a condition of releasing it. That's my recollection from a making of documentary that was included in the Final Cut DVD box set. So, it wasn't the version he had intended. Harrison Ford also said that he preferred the version without VO in the same documentary.

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Fun episode! The Film Club ones are always a nice surprise.

If you like the Detectorists, you might like the podcast Dirt - An audio drama. A metal detector features prominently in the plot.

Sixth Sense...a solid recommendation. Agree that it was M. Night's best work. Might have to watch it again with the younger generation.

Everything Everywhere..was a fun, trippy movie. A book with a similar plotline is The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.

I feel like Triple Frontier was mentioned on a previous Film Club, but maybe it was Final Notes.

Also agree the first Bourne movie was the best. Never got into the John Woo MI movies.

I too watched Unbearable Weight... on a plane, and it was fun. A double-tap for Pedro Pascal!

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Break the rules: Loved the Subaru offroad article. It's like the "driving a fast car slow, or a slow car fast," question, but off road. This probably works better with an Automatic transmission though. I did this type of stuff with my Subie, and fried my clutch because the gearing isn’t low enough for rock crawling and sand. But when living in Australia, I was shocked to find they have transfer cases in their Subies! Good on those mates!

(and yeah, for watches, I wear what I want, when I want. Mine all have plenty of water resistance for me).

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